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Our essence

Flying Colours was established in 2015 by Guy Myles, CEO and founder of Flying Colours, he is also one of the co-founders of Octopus Investments.

Flying Colours was created to offer consumers a way to access financial advice and investment management without compromising the quality of advice and investment solutions needed to help clients reach their goals.

About Our Independent Financial Adviser Network

We know that clients prefer dealing with financial advisers face to face. That’s why we have established a national network of independent financial advisers.

  • Advisers are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • All our advisers are independent and not restricted to what they can offer clients
  • Clients will always speak to a person during office hours, not an answer machine
  • We put our clients first and always act in their best interests

We carefully recruit advisers selected by our management team, led by Guy Myles. We complete extensive due diligence to ensure that we only work with the best advisers and to ensure that they will act professionally in accordance with our exacting standards.

All of the advisers are FCA registered, Level 4 diploma qualified and some hold the highest standard of qualification, which is chartered.

Flying Colours is a unique service that helps you find advisers nationally. We are a great place to find great advice; we complete thorough checks, we look into every adviser we work with in detail and we monitor the client journey through the advice process.

Independent financial advisers


We are reaching out to any of our clients who are on their own, in a high risk category and do not have any support around them, do please let us know so we can help.