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What is Financial Lifestyle Planning?

It is a financial plan, it is as individual as you are and should be continually reviewed to keep track with you

We get to know you and together build a plan for your financial future. We take a complete look at what you currently have, including income and expenditure and assess your current position and we map out how and what you need to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Guy Myles presentation

Guy Myles, CEO and founder talks more about our culture

The value of advice...

The benefit of taking financial advice is that we will work with you every step of the journey to get you to where you want to be.

It is about what you want in the future and achieving it. You might want to; retire early, change your lifestyle, downsize your home, work part-time, start a new business or help family get on the property ladder.

Why financial lifestyle planning?

Lifestyle planning is tailored advice that understands your values, your goals, your aspirations not only for your retirement future, but also the journey right now. Flying Colours was created to help our customers achieve and benefit from careful planning.

The following three things will make a significant difference to influencing your financial future.

Working to a plan.

At its most basic, this means understanding how much you should save and how much you should spend to make your life financially efficient.

Advice on how to avoid making mistakes.

The UK has an extremely complicated tax system and the rules change each year, especially around pensions, so avoiding pitfalls will make you money.

Identifying the great opportunities.

that are out there and understanding exactly how to take advantage of them.

Financial Life Planning

Some of the most significant life events that impact financial decisions may result in significant outcomes later in life depending on advice taken and guidance implemented.

Our Services

We bring together every aspect of your financial portfolio, goals and lifestyle aspirations to bring insight and expertise that will shape the outcomes of the decisions you make, for the better. We do this through our services:

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