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Lydia Taft

Independent Financial Adviser

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Get to know Lydia Taft

Lydia is a fully qualified Financial Adviser and is on the pathway to achieving Chartered status from the CII Professional Body.

Since starting her career within the financial services industry, Lydia has experienced working within all job roles involved in the financial planning process; including analysis and research, developing client suitability reports and practicing as an independent financial adviser. This has given her a solid understanding of all aspects of the process end to end.

Lydia believes that financial advice should be for everybody, but is aware that many people are unable to reap the benefits of financial advice because they don't know where to start, or don't feel that they have enough money to invest. Lydia's vision is to help break down these preconceptions by guiding clients through the complexities of financial planning, and providing the highest quality of financial advice in a way that is simple to understand, suitable for everyone and stress free.

Lydia describes her approach as being thorough and personal. Her key driver is being able to make a positive impact, by assisting clients in achieving their financial goals to ensure they can live their best life; regardless of their investment experience or the size of their investment.

Outside of work Lydia has a passion for travel, food and good music.

Flying Colours Life Verified

At Flying Colours we select the advisers to join us and work under the Flying Colours name. They have to go through several levels of assessment, due diligence, client servicing history and financial background checking as part of our stringent approval process. This ensures that you always get the highest standard of service from our advisers.

Flying Colours Validated IFA

What Lydia's clients say...

After establishing what my preferences were, my retirement views and my long term goal, Lydia very professionally and patiently worked her way through all paperwork, filled in appropriate forms, followed up and kept me informed every step of the way to successful complete the task.

A Ramlogan

What can I say about lydia and flying colours, since I've been using them they have been honest and transparent about everything, I would recommend them to anyone.


She seems very knowledgeable, intelligent and clear with words.


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