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Sarah Arora

BA (Hons); DipPFS; CeMAP
Independent Financial Adviser

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Get to know Sarah Arora

Sarah is a fully qualified Financial Adviser and holds the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and the Certificate in Mortgage Advice. After gaining an Economics and Business degree she began her career in Finance where she now has 13 years experience across investments, pensions, tax-planning, mortgages, protection and general insurance.

Flying Colours Life Verified

At Flying Colours we select the advisers to join us and work under the Flying Colours name. They have to go through several levels of assessment, due diligence, client servicing history and financial background checking as part of our stringent approval process. This ensures that you always get the highest standard of service from our advisers.

What Sarah's clients say...

I wanted to set up a SIPP and transfer the funds from my pension company to the new SIPP. Also advised me on what I should do with other investments and how to maximize the second element in my pension, when I reach 65The whole process was fully explained, along with fees. A detailed forecast of how I could expect the investments to perform was also produced. As a result of the advice, my original concept of just taking my pension pot as cash, I now see as folly. Because of the advice, I now have an investment that will be available to me for my retirement and saved my paying a lot of tax. I needed to find an investment for my pension that would provide for me during my retirement. My pension company would only release the funds in my pension via a financial advisor.

David Lovegrove

I have hit 60 and wanted to consolidate a number of pensions to get an annuity and then to invest the 25% of funds released. I looked at a number of different companies, read the reviews and also compared the advice that they offered. Everything was explained clearly and with understanding of my current position and what I hoped to achieve in the future from my association with Flying Colours. The financial adviser had a very personable approach.


I wanted advice about consolidating the various pensions I have built up over the years. Not only did I get advice about pensions but also about sorting out everyday financial issues which were explained clearly to me and then again at my request to my partner. The everyday advice was excellent and I am hopeful the advice on the pensions will also prove to be beneficial when I go back for my review.

Gilllian Horgan