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COVID-19 Update - FCL Response

16 March 2020 / Peter Wilson

We continue to encourage and reassure our clients and our partners, that during this extraordinary a...

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Covid -19 and reactions from the investment markets

12 March 2020 / Guy Myles

Every day brings new developments in the spread of Covid-19 and reactions from the investment market...

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Investment Commentary: February 2020

17 February 2020 / Guy Myles

Many will be concerned by the recent global stockmarket falls linked to the Corona virus outbreak. T...

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Five Top Tips for Reducing Capital Gains Tax

07 November 2019 / Guy Myles

Q: I have a share portfolio and I’m feeling increasingly nervous that the markets are going to fall ...

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Are Mirror Wills and IHT Trust still an Effective form of IHT Planning in 2020

15 October 2019 / Guy Myles

Q: In 2003 a husband and wife were advised to make mirror Wills which put the full Inheritance Tax A...

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How to maintain a varied investment portfolio in retirement

05 July 2019 / Guy Myles

Q: I am about to retire and have rejected an annuity. I would like some flexibility on how I take my...

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I'm worried about the cost of passing on my estate - how I can I keep inheritance charges down?

26 March 2019 / Guy Myles

Q: I'm worried about the effect of the planned increase in probate fees, funeral costs and inheritan...

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What does China's GDP slowdown mean for my investments?

24 January 2019 / Guy Myles

Q: I've been reading reports that China's GDP growth is slowing. It feels that China has been the ma...

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Market Commentary: September 2018 Part 2

19 October 2018 / Guy Myles

There has been a recent sell-off in US equities that has led to a domino effect in Asian and Europea...

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