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How to maintain a varied investment portfolio in retirement

05 July 2019 / Guy Myles

Q: I am about to retire and have rejected an annuity. I would like some flexibility on how I take my...

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2017 Market Review

22 February 2018 / Guy Myles

2017 was a year to remember for both global financial markets and our portfolios. Investors focused...

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Market Update: February 2018

07 February 2018 / Guy Myles

The first thing to do is put the recent market moves into context. These have been sharp falls foll...

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Why we buy index-trackers

05 February 2018 / Guy Myles

At Flying Colours, we strive to take sensible decisions for our client portfolios and keep investing...

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Flying Colours Adviser Partnership launch

11 January 2018 / Guy Myles

We recently held our first annual Flying Colours National Conference. This was a great opportunity t...

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The miracle of compounding

01 November 2017 / Guy Myles

American rapper 50 Cent hit the headlines in July 2015 after filing for bankruptcy. This was all a b...

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Nearing retirement?

01 November 2017 / Guy Myles

Retirement can be the best time of your life - you've worked long and hard, perhaps had kids, and no...

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Should you transfer out of a defined benefit pension?

30 September 2017 / Guy Myles

The pensions world is in crisis, partly because of changing regulations, partly because of bad manag...

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Investment Commentary August 2017

08 September 2017 / Guy Myles

The August backdrop was more favourable to safe-haven assets, as evidenced by a rise in gold prices ...

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Wealth Management Isn't Just For The 'Wealthy'

26 August 2017 / Guy Myles

If you're entering the home straight on the long journey towards retirement, it's natural to start f...

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