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COVID-19 Update - FCL Response

16 March 2020 / Peter Wilson

We continue to encourage and reassure our clients and our partners, that during this extraordinary a...

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What are the alternatives to annuities?

27 June 2016 / Guy Myles

You're considering an annuity, but what are the alternatives to annuities? In this article you'll f...

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What has Brexit meant for markets?

24 June 2016 / Mark Preskett

The result of the EU referendum, backing Britain to leave the EU, has sparked a wave of selling acro...

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Annuity pros and cons?

24 June 2016 / Guy Myles

Are you approaching retirement Here's a look at the benefits and negatives of pension fund annuitie...

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What is an annuity?

22 June 2016 / Guy Myles

Money every year for the rest of your life? What's the catch? In this article you'll learn: ****W...

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The EU Referendum & Your Finances - What You Need to Know

21 June 2016 / Guy Myles

It's (very nearly) time for the soapbox campaigning to stop, and the ballot box voting to begin. Wit...

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Understanding your pension investment options

20 June 2016 / Guy Myles

It's probably fair to say that, as a nation, we're not that interested in pensions. In the UK, pensi...

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Father's Day: The Generation Game & New Age Investing

17 June 2016 / Guy Myles

As Father's Day approaches, the internet will be alive with inspirational quotes about the joys of p...

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Economic Commentary - May 2016

10 June 2016 / Mark Preskett

Equity and bond markets both posted minimal, yet positive returns in what was generally a calmer mon...

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The Hidden Costs Of DIY Investing

02 June 2016 / Guy Myles

While DIY investing - picking your own stocks and investment funds - may seem like a cost-efficient ...

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