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How to find financial balance after lost employment or redundancy in uncertain financial times.

15 September 2020 / Guy Myles

It is common for us to get approached by people who are concerned about redundancy and in these unce...

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Economic Commentary - May 2016

10 June 2016 / Mark Preskett

Equity and bond markets both posted minimal, yet positive returns in what was generally a calmer mon...

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The Hidden Costs Of DIY Investing

02 June 2016 / Guy Myles

While DIY investing - picking your own stocks and investment funds - may seem like a cost-efficient ...

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Can you afford to retire?

01 June 2016 / Guy Myles

They say that numbers never lie, but they can certainly be confusing. For most of us, calculating wh...

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What is a self-invested personal pension (SIPP)?

30 May 2016 / Guy Myles

The investor's choice when it comes to saving for a pension. In this article you'll find: An expl...

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What Are Investment Funds?

26 May 2016 / Guy Myles

How to invest money in a fund. In this article you'll learn: What investment funds are and how th...

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The Lifetime ISA vs Pensions

24 May 2016 / Jon Dominey

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne certainly hasn't been afraid to try new things. They've ...

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Watch your step: the investment returns gap is widening

18 May 2016 / Guy Myles

It's obvious that the purpose of investing money is to maximise returns. The question is, why are we...

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Five Steps to Achieving an Effective Investment Strategy

11 May 2016 / Guy Myles

Here are five key strategies for achieving an effective investment strategy, and maximising the retu...

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Economic commentary - April 2016

05 May 2016 / Mark Preskett

April saw sharp divergences in the performance of asset classes, with weakness from a variety of mar...

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